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Independent travel without the intervention of a travel agency, of course, can be considered profitable, although sometimes it is a bit risky. Yes, on the one hand traveling independently or backpacking saves more money by paying for the services of a tour operator or tour guide. It’s just that independent travel requires careful preparation if you don’t want the trip to be complicated.

In other words, you have to prepare everything well if you want to travel alone or with your family. Preparations to be made starting with travel equipment, clear destinations, accommodation, food prices in tourist places and all other possibilities.

So what are your tips for a safe and comfortable ride? The following are travel tips you should know before you travel far from the city, off the island, or even abroad.

Travel tips to travel safely

organize luggage

Tips for easy, safe and comfortable travel, you must first be good at carrying luggage. Especially if you use an airline. Don’t let your luggage get too bulky. This may leave you overcharged and incur additional charges. Organize your luggage according to the time you travel. Also, make room for the opportunity to buy souvenirs to take back from your vacation spot.

Go when it’s not holiday season

Tips for easy and cheap travel, go when it is not the holiday season, as it can save your budget and add comfort at the same time. Especially if you go to famous holiday destinations, which are often too crowded during the holidays. Going on vacation outside of the holiday season also allows you to enjoy more private tourist spots, not have to experience traffic jams, too many people, and the price of travel tickets is much cheaper.

Prepare target location data

The next fun travel tip is to create an itinerary or a list of activities and details of the tourist places you want to visit. For example, if you want to visit the city of Yogyakarta for a week, you must make a list or list of tourist attractions to visit. When you arrive in Yogyakarta, make sure you prepare or choose where you want to travel. This will waste vacation time in vain.

Prepare a reserve fund

When you go on vacation alone or with family, whether you are in Indonesia or even an international backpacker abroad, you still need money. An extra pocket money is very important to prepare if you want to travel comfortably. Don’t let yourself experience a lack of money to eat, travel to tourist attractions, rent lodging, even the cost of coming home.

Reserve funds can also help if something unexpected happens. For example, an accident that is not covered by insurance. Especially if you are traveling during a pandemic like now.

Determine the location of accommodation, accommodation and transportation in advance.

The last tip for you to enjoy your vacation is to predetermine the place of residence, accommodation and transportation that will be used during the vacation. Even if it is necessary, you have made a fully detailed plan with a budget. For example, the vehicle must be an extra concern from the departure, during the holidays, until the return home. Remember to always check the price of the hotel and make a reservation so as not to end up with expensive prices.

How? You now have a complete picture of the preparations that need to be made when you want to travel outside the region or abroad because there are already travel tips above that can be used as a reference book.