The City of Rome: Presenting Romantic Travel Destinations

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Rome is a city that supports Italy with an area of ​​12,850 km2. However, don’t be mistaken as a small city, but there are many beautiful tourist destinations and of course you can enjoy. Known as a city full of history, Rome has a magical power that makes visitors always feel in love.

No wonder so many young couples choose Rome as a destination to spend their honeymoon. Well, for those of you who are choosing a place for your honeymoon in Rome, here are the destinations that you must visit once.

6 Romantic Places in the City of Rome

Giardino degli Aranci

Parco Savello, or Giardino degli Aranci or, better known by tourists as, Orange Garden is a park surrounded by orange orchards with a calm aura. Try sitting behind the Basilica of Santa Sabina, you will see a beautiful stretch of wall ruins that once surrounded Savelli Castle. The beautiful footpath with sunlight is perhaps the most romantic place to take a walk in the city that skyrocketed the name of Francesco Totti’s pesebak ball.


Perhaps the romantic side of Campidoglio arises because often this spot is used as a wedding venue. Campidoglio or Capitoline Hill is an impressive and romantic setting for weddings. The piazza itself was designed by THE Michelangelo and quiet enough for two lovebirds. Around the location is also filled with cafes and museums. During the day, you can see the ancient city here and a walk at night really gives a magical impression.

Pincio Gardens

If you want to feel comfortable, peaceful and calm atmosphere, please contact Pincio Gardens which is connected to Villa Borghese via the pedestrian bridge. Pincio Gardens has all the sights of Rome and has pretty and lovely cafes. You will also find a small lake surrounded by benches for couples to spend time.

Ponte Sant’Angelo

In the 16th century the Ponte Sant’Angelo was a place where church inmates were executed. It is said that the bodies were deliberately shown to make the surrounding community fear the authority of the church. Of course there are currently no churches in Rome that carry out this tradition. This place, also commonly known as the Angel Bridge, is now a crossing bridge that connects directly to the city center. At night you and your partner can enjoy the sound of water that appears in the middle of the pool. Dim the dim lights along the road to add to the romantic atmosphere of you and your partner.